Today is the Biscuit Day in Brazil

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BiscoitoToday is the “Dia do Biscoito” (Biscuit Day) in Brazil, a date which is already known as the International Friends Day.

Have you noticed how biscuits and friendship just fit together? Friends always show up when we least expect and when we need them the most. And so do Biscuits! You share happy and sad moments with your friends and when you just want to enjoy life, there they are! They give you strength to face challenges and to enjoy the good moments in life.

A true friend is like a biscuit: a friend for all times.

Inspired by that motto, the Brazilian Manufacturers Association of Biscuits, Pasta and Industrialized Breads & Cakes (ABIMAPI) created the Brazilian Biscuit Day campaign!
The movie “Amigos pra toda hora” (Friends for All Times) launched on ABIMAPI Brasil’s YouTube Page shows the biscuit as a great partner.

In ABIMAPI website ( and in its fanpage (, you will find information and fun facts about the food universe, in addition to interactive activities, one of which allows the user to virtually customize a biscuit package with the name of a friend and the phrase: “somos como biscoitos, amigos pra toda hora” (we are like biscuits, friends for all times – available only in Portuguese). The picture will turn into a post with the hashtag #biscoitoamigopratodahora (#biscuitsfriendsforalltimes available only in Portuguese), and may be instantly published in the user’s personal profile.

On July 20, the campaign will reach the Brazilian streets through an action in MASP’s (São Paulo Art Museum) free interspace at Paulista Avenue in São Paulo capital city, Brazil. Attendants will be invited to taste and share biscuits and also participate in several activities. Friends will be invited to give testimonials that will be published in the campaign’s online channels and to take printed pictures as souvenirs posting them in their social network.

In order to promote the famous debate on which term is correct to refer to said food (biscuits or cookies), people will be presented with wafer beers, which are also known in Brazil as just “biscuits”. Fire up this debate and ask your friends and family to find out what term is used the most: Biscuits or Cookies?

Share this idea and join us on this journey! Let´s make July 20 as the International Biscuit Day!

Dia do Biscoito