Brazil and its secrets – how cross cultural communication is important to your company

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itaituba‘Festival do Peixe de Barreiras’ , Itaituba, on the edge of Rio Tapajos (Para). FOCUS organizes cross cultural communication training for executives, traders and human resoursces managers. We work with an academic team with experience in private companies. We especially help Brazilian Companies with plans to expand their businesses internationally or foreign companies who wish to establish themselves within the different Brazilian States. (FOCUS is reporting from there in September).
The Brazil is a country of very diverse and distinct cultures. To work and to move around its states is the same as moving countries. All of them having different values and codes of communication.

The ‘Festival do Peixe de Barreiras’ in Itaituba, on the edge of Rio Tapajos (Para). Whoever thought it was a fish eating festival is mistaken. Between June and August in Tapajos, two fishes are very typical: the piau and the aracu. The Festival is a duel between two groups: Piau and Aracu. Each one tells an Indigenous story with guardian indigenous, queens and pages. They are surprisingly beautiful and are organized and performed by the local people, virtually in the middle of nowhere. This is Brazil! This is the face of the Amazon. (Images: Marcelo Santa Clara).