Christmas Story’s around the world to attract businesses towards the BENELUX.

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Focus Communications does, amongst other actions, intercultural training for business executives, aiming to expand its business in the foreign market.

Focus Communications, an integrated communications agency based in the heart of the European Union, Brussels, uses the buzz marketing strategy and will launch on December 20, the campaign Christmas Stories Around the World, on social platforms. Thirteen international communicators, agency partners, will share with you their traditions of Holiday parties in each country.


Journalists, public relations professionals, and digital marketers have recorded about one minute each, to talk about the traditions of their countries. They have also sent some pictures to show how cities are prepared for Christmas and New Year between 2016 and 2017. “We have a tendency of using communication to spread trends, and services through chit chat. Focus is a new agency, but with an experienced team and we want to show how the buzz marketing, used in a correct way, can creatively reach our target audience, “explained the director of the agency, the journalist Samla da Rosa, who believes in the Arabic market to attract its customers.


​”The criteria of the choice proposed to each country are the markets which are important for Brazilian companies, and also for those in the Middle East, where Sumeya Hamie is coming from originally, the marketing specialist and partner at Focus,” says Samla. These following countries: Belgium, Holland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, Sweden, United States, Turkey, Lebanon, China and Japan said Samla. Samla, a professional who worked in Brazil on television, and in Europe as a correspondent for one of the largest news agencies in Brazil.


The idea of ​​the various styles of commemorations of the holiday season came from an agency specialty. “We give intercultural training to executives not only to show how to exchange cards, and explain the meaning of the colors or the different greetings. We go further: we work with case studies; We want to show how one can expand business opportunities. A person’s culture is what she has inside her and this includes what is considered important to him or her. In business, everything goes through culture, “says the director of Focus Communications. Samla da Rosa has a PhD project, based in Brussels, on “Corporate Communication and Intercultural Management: What is the Dimension Within Today’s Businesses?”.


Some cultural differences are obvious, but most of them are very subtle, and it would be naive to overlook that an entrepreneur does not think of his business with a cultural weight in which it was created. After all we are human beings. Culture influences people’s decision. It seems obvious, but big brands have already made mistakes that have entailed huge losses in the past. Ford, for example, launched a car in the 1970s, called “Pinto” in honor of a race of horses, but in Brazil they changed the name to Corcel, considering standards, values ​​and slang in our language.

In addition to intercultural training, Focus organizes international events, makes press advisory; Conducts research in several markets to prospect new clients, works with e-reputation, processing and analysis of social Big Data.



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