Brazil’s Meat image is negatively affected after the Beef scandal, reports European press

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cow-with-brazil-flag_65253097The scandal involving the Brazilian beef began to be publicized by the mainstream media across Europe, especially in Germany, which imported only in 2016 more than 114 tonnes meat from Brazil. The monioring was made by Focus Communications’ consulting, based in Brussels. 

A look through Germany’s newspapers reveals that the European Union is really worried about the matter and requested a guarantee from the Brazilian authorities that no spoiled meat was exported to European consumers. Like China, Chile, South Korea and several other countries, the EU is also considering to ban temporarily or even no longer import beef and poultry meat from Brazilian producers.

In a long article by „Der Tagesspiegel“ (one of Germany’s most known newspaper), the wide corruption in Brazil is made guilty for this scandal. Despite the fact it is informed that the police maybe puffed up the problem, and that only few staff involved in the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture or in the meat companies are in fact under suspicion, the image of the Brazilian beef is definetly affected. This is the result after an analysis Focus Communication’s monitoring had, based in analitics graphics.

This because not only food safety is important in Europe. „The Brazilian meat industry is in disrepute anyway and is always subject for headlines in the news. In the past, the focus was not on quality, but on environmentally damaging production methods, illegal deforestation, land rooting and expulsion of small farmers or indigenous communities from theiR territories, in order to extend pasture land and feed cultivation. Criticism is also given to working conditions in the abattoirs where many accidents occur.“

Other media vehicles revealed similar opinions. Here some links:

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