Video News Releases – 2D/3D Creation

From video production to motion graphics, we can drive engagement for your business. Focus Communications will empower your communication campaigns with innovative designs and creative video solutions.

From understanding your brand to understanding your consumers and the marketplace, we provide a full range of customized video and animation services.

Take note that YouTube is now the second largest search engine behind Google, with over 1 billion unique users, 6 billion hours of videos watched each month and 100 hours of video uploaded every minute. We believe that directing a well-targeted video to your audience can increase awareness and ROI in many different countries, better than many more conventional communication tools.

OUR NEWS VIDEO RELEASES are a very successful tool designed to promote a client’s product, including extra bits of audio and video to mimic the tone and visual characteristics of a news story. This is the TV version of a press release.

Focus works with European associates with a strong emphasis on 2D and 3D animation as well as video producers. Our works include animation shorts, animation series and commercials. Our associated animators are high-level professionals backed up by a full production pipeline: from concept design to post-production, paying attention to modeling, texturing, lighting, dynamics and animation, visual effects.

Why FOCUS brought up those partnerships?  INCREASED USER ENGAGEMENT

We believe that businesses are increasingly using video on their websites and other digital campaigns as they significantly improve user engagement. A 2D or 3D animation can quickly speak to potential new customers, explaining services and products by summarizing complex ideas. These actions can greatly increase conversion rates.
Finally, a well-written script, a strong concept and a detailed storyboard are the foundation for a great animation. Incorporate a striking visual style, sound effects and eye-catching animations and you have a powerful tool for captivating your audience and telling your story in an informative and fun way.


Custom 3D animations
3D animated videos that explain ideas, services and products by summarizing complex ideas for your company or business.


2D animations
2D animations are perfect to explain products, concepts or processes in simple and easy to understand terms that translate needs into impactful solutions.
And the sources don’t stop here, we still offer Illustrative animations to make your website stand out and custom Hand drawn animations to tell compelling brand stories, help spread your passion and capture the hearts of your audience.
Take a look at our portfolio to see how we can be an added value to your business. We have already helped several brands to expand their markets and become more internationally recognised.