Connecting Culture

Focus Communications is a multicultural focused PR consultancy. This means that we use multicultural marketing to develop a communication strategy for your business that you can use abroad. We have a comprehensive understanding of many ethics markets and their cultural predilections. Considering this, we find the right FOCUS to connect your business with the correct target audience in order to deliver results.

Multicultural marketing can help your brand efficiently connect your business with other cultures.
We go beyond basic knowledge in order to fully understand how nationalities differ from one another, how they behave and what the correct etiquette is during meetings.
We work together with the Dutch Open University and are supported by researchers and professionals from the private sector to provide your team with a broad knowledge in diverse cultures.
Focus offers you multicultural trainings to help you better approach target ethnic audiences.



We offer virtual conferences and real workshops to give an overview of how your company can streamline its business while considering cultural differences. We know what is needed in specific cultures.
We will organize trainings to help you understand cultural differences, enabling you to do business in Middle East, the United States, Brazil and Europe. You have to know and respect traditions and be aware of the business mindset of these different cultures.

Focus Communications has the following goals:
– Through behavior indicators, we identify cultural perspectives generated by international campaigns. Not every culture has the same preferences when it comes to marketing and business.
– We strengthen the position of your company in a globalized world. When you are not only focused on your own area, but are willing to learn about other cultures, you can create new important business relationships and conquer an essential place within the international business world
In the short movie on the right, we emphasize the importance of having enough knowledge of other cultures over the world, while doing business with them.


Entrepreneurs, managers with international business responsibility, human resource managers and global communication.