What is Brazil’s agricultural influence in BRICS 2017?

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Agriculture ministers from BRICS (2017) countries underlined cooperation and the importance of food security on the 7th meeting ended last Saturday in China. The ministers agreed to promote multilateral coordination and guard against protectionism, according to the final declaration, a blueprint for future cooperation. Brazilian Agriculture minister, Blairo Maggi, highlighted the commitment of Brazil’s agricultural influence to intensify trade within the countries that belong to the bloc.  Since its inception, the BRICS countries have expanded their agenda to include several global concerns including agriculture, outer space, social welfare, internet security, […]



May, 2016

Political turmoil and the image of Brazil after the President’s suspension

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*Samla Da Rosa e Silva Mesquita               Brazilian eyes are on the impeachment procedure against Dilma Rousseff and its Government and the European press have many different ways to tell the information to its readers. President Dilma Rousseff has been suspended for 180 days and will face a trial. During an over 20h session in the Senate, there were more votes than necessary to confirm the continuation of the impeachment procedure (55 votes in favor versus 22 against). Chairman Michel Temer will try and demonstrate in the coming months […]



May, 2016

Teams on their way to Rio and campaigns inspired with a brazilian flavor

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*Samla Da Rosa e Silva Mesquita   Brazil will be the first country in South America to host the biggest sporting event on the planet. The Olympic Games will take place in Rio de Janeiro starting August 5th. Movement, innovation and Brazilian flavors are the three approaches Brazilian organizers will bring up in the Rio 2016 Olympic torch, which will cross Brazil from North to South under the eyes of the world. Inspirational Brazilian brand is already in the center for marketing campaigns and some teams are exploring its qualities. […]