Market Reasearch and regulatory monitoring

Focus Communications identify potential clients.
We are part of the decision. We know how they can affect your business.


Tailor-made mapping with names and contacts of potential new clients and persons of interest in identified markets.

As a company you have to build relationships with your audiences. Focus Communications will help you to reconcile a complex network of relationships with various stakeholders, clients, employees, suppliers, business partners, investors, regulatory institutions, opinion makers and all branches of the government.

Our objective is to help you create a network that will optimize your international business and help you realize the dreams for your company. It is a challenge, but the team of Focus Communications will help you find the best forms of Communications in this network. We will ensure that the messages are accessible to each specific audience.


Market research across the EU to identify trends and customers for specific products.

Focus Communications will help you find the specific future customers for your products. We can identify these audiences by doing comprehensive research. In addition, we have knowledge of the main trends in different places all over the world. We help you adapt your marketing strategies and messages to the different trends and preferences of the audiences.

European market research with the objective of data compilation to help exporting international companies adapt their decision making. The team of Focus Communications has a lot of experience in trend spotting. This means that we observe and predict changes of new or existing trends within various cultures and areas. Focus Communications will facilitate your business decisions for the future of your company.

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