Media Intelligence and Media Relations


We do news monitoring in many languages and prepare analytical reports.

We have strong relationship with international journalists.

FOCUS COMMUNICATIONS works with a range of well-known international media platforms to provide accurate media analysis and news monitoring.

We do a comprehensive news monitoring in many languages. This means that we deliver content across all different media channels in every area that is of interest to you, your company and the future of your brand.
We provide our clients with documentation, analysis and media content that can empower communication and boost the reputation of your brand in International markets.


It is all about searching extensive information connected to your business, in order to provide you with deep-rooted analyses to boost your communications and PR activities.

It is simple: Before we dive in the world of creating new business opportunities, we need to have some background information to work with.
When we collect the right information, we make an analytical report. This report consists of all content that we have at the end of our search. At the end, we are able to offer your business intelligence solutions with deep analysis and customized reports on global scenarios, opportunities and trends.
Ask us for more details in order to find out how our information can support your communication team by discovering insights, developing strategies, testing creative ideas that ultimately strengthen the impact of your business.

Media Relations
This is about promoting your business and your top executives with business editors in the mainstream media in Europe, or wherever you need coverage the most. Organic, original articles can give your business credibility and visibility.
FOCUS strengthens your brand image with journalists, highlighting the company’s main services, its commitment to innovation, its achievements, its portfolio and international operations.
Thanks to our team based in Brussels, as well as correspondents who operate across the main business hubs in Europe and the Middle East, FOCUS has the means and  know-how to define the right strategies and tactics to communicate our clients’ messages in different languages, countries and cultures.
Focus Communications also provides press databases, develops press kits and promotes meetings between local journalists and spokespersons.
We can develop hybrid strategies, various dissemination approaches (press and news video releases) and more personal approaches (that might involve individual pitching).